Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bus & T Service for Sunday, Feb.28


Sunday, Feb. 28 Bus & T Service

Port Authority riders might encounter delays on Sunday, as well as minor, temporary detours for tree or snow removal. Buses are attempting to run on regular routes, except where noted below. New detours and delays may also arise if conditions change due to additional snowfall.

A list of bus and T routes that are out of service, or on a detour, is posted below.

An overview of Port Authority's service levels for Sunday:

  • Bus service: Multiple routes continue to operate with detours or limited service areas.
  • The T: All lines except are operating on a regular schedule and providing normal service to Downtown stations (except Gateway, which is closed during construction), with the exception of scheduled maintenance for the weekend (click here for details).
  • Mon Incline: In service.
  • Wabash HOV: Open (when applicable).
  • I-279 HOV: Open (when applicable).
  • Fifth Avenue Bus Lane in Oakland: Open.

Bus & T Routes Detoured

If your route is not listed, then it is scheduled to operate on a regular route and schedule (weather permitting).

Routes that are operating with a detour or are unable to reach certain areas due to poor road conditions or other factors such as snow pack or improperly parked cars:

  • 25A Moon Run-Coraopolis: No Mooncrest.
  • 46K Knoxville: No Taft & Lafferty.
  • 79D Mount Carmel: In the case of additional significant snowfall, will not be serving Mark, Grove, Chaske & Aber.
  • 81B Lincoln: No Lemington Home.
  • 86A East Hills: Inbound and outbound trips are traveling in the same direction (to the left) on Park Hill and Wilner.

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