Monday, February 8, 2010

Bus & T Service Status for Monday, Feb. 8


Port Authority continues to provide bus and T service Monday afternoon although snowy roads and slow travel has caused widespread delays throughout the day.

Riders should anticipate the possibility of delays through the afternoon rush hour.

Service is being provided on more than 100 bus routes and on the T light rail system. Some routes have been deviated due to road conditions and drivers sometimes must detour around areas that are impassable. A complete list is provided below.

The T continues to provide service to the First Avenue Station in Downtown. A power issue in the Downtown subway prevents T service into the Steel Plaza and Wood Street stations. Bus shuttles have been serving temporary stops located outside the stations.

Other service issues:

* The Authority continues to clear Park and Ride lots. Several were not accessible this morning due to snow.
* The Mon Incline was in service today.
* The 52 Allentown light rail route is not in service.
* The Wabash HOV lanes were shut down today.

Another 60 bus routes remain out of service due to weather-related issues across the Authority's service area.

We continue monitoring efforts by public works crews to clear roads and as more routes become available, we will update this web site, our Twitter site and local media.

Bus routes operating Monday:
* Buses will follow regular routes unless specified.
* If a route is not listed, it is not operating yet.
* Latest updates are in red.

* 1A New Kensington (no Waterworks Mall - use Freeport Road)
* 1D Mount Royal Boulevard
* 1F Millvale (no Forliview or Shalercrest service)
* 3L Creighton–Lower Burrell Express
* 5A Natrona–Argonne
* 6B Spring Hill (buses will detour via Perrysville Avenue & Federal to W. North & city)
* 6D Spring Looper (to Spring Garden only)
* 11C Perry Highway (no Laurel Gardens)
* 11D Perrysville
* 12A North Hills Shopper (regular route except no Northway Mall)
* 13A North Hills Express
* 13B Babcock Express
* 13C Perry Highway Express
* 13G Thompson Run Express
* 13J Franklin park Express (Not running. We tried to put 13J's in service but Rochester Road is closed due to six trees down. Buses were forced to return to the garage.)
* 13K Marshall Express
* 13U North Hills – Oakland Express
* 13X Perrysville Park & Ride
* 16A Ohio River Blvd
* 16B Brighton
* 16D Manchester
* 16F City View
* 17B Avalon via Shadeland Avenue
* 18B Avalon – Shadeland Avenue Express
* 18C Bellevue-Union Avenue Express
* 21A Coraopolis (terminating at Bank and Walnut in Sewickley; no Sewickley Hospital or service to Crescent)
* 21C West Park (via Dohrman and Singer only)
* 21D Kennedy
* 26A Ingram – Sheraden
* 26B Fairywood via Steuben Street (no Broadhead – Fording service)
* 26D Chartiers City (no Allendale Circle)
* 26E Robinson-Imperial
* 28E Robinson-Imperial Express
* 28M Campbell’s Run Express
* 28K Moon Express
* 28X Airport Flyer
* 31D Bridgeville via Washington Avenue
* 31E Bridgeville via Main Street (to Gladden Terminal only – no Reising Run Road)
* 33D Bridgeville Express via Washington Avenue
* 33E Bridgeville Express via Main Street
* 33X West Busway
* 35A Baldwin-Whitehall
* 36A Banksville via Cedar Boulevard
* 36C Green Tree
* 38C Green Tree Express (Green Tree – Forsythe only)
* 41B Bower Hill
* 41D Brookline (no Altmar & Reamer; no Ebenshire)
* 44U Oakland–Mount Lebanon
* 46A Brentwood
* 46D Curry
* 46F Baldwin Highlands
* 46G Elizabeth (using Route 51 only; not servicing Worthington or upper Clairton)
* 51A Arlington Heights (no Arlington or Arlington Heights service.)
* 51C Carrick (Inbound is using regular route. Outbound, from the Smithfield Street Bridge, bus is using the South Busway, Warrington, Arlington, Brownsville and back to regular route. Stranded vehicles are blocking S. 18th. No outbound South Side service (use 51A).
* 51G Mount Oliver (no Becks Run, Mt. Oliver, St. Clair Village service).
* 53F Homestead-Lincoln Place (West, Amity–12th are no longer passable. Inbound buses from 22nd will use West Run, Forest, East Eighth and onto the Homestead Grays Bridge. Outbound would run in reverse.)
* 54C North Side-Oakland-South Side (no Polish Hill, Bon Air, Mt. Oliver or Allentown service)
* 55M Century III Mall (West, Amity–12th are no longer passable. Inbound buses from 22nd will use West Run, Forest, East Eighth and onto the Homestead Grays Bridge. Outbound would run in reverse.)
* 56B Hazelwood (using Eight Avenue, Glenwood Bridge and Second Avenue – No Imogene)
* 56C McKeesport-Lincoln Place (no Ramp Street – No Hays)
* 56E Greenfield
* 58C McKeesport Express
* 58V Versailles Express
* 60M McKeesport – Pittsburgh
* 61A East Pittsburgh–Wilkinsburg
* 61B Braddock Swissvale
* 61C McKeesport–Homestead (no Mifflin Estates or Century Square service)
* 61F Homestead Park (West, Amity–12th are no longer passable. Inbound buses from 22nd will use West Run, Forest, East Eighth and onto the Homestead Grays Bridge. Outbound would run in reverse.)
* 63A North Braddock Express
* 63B Rankin Express
* 64A East Liberty Homestead
* 67A Monroeville
* 67C Laketon Road
* 67E Greensburg Pike
* 67F Trafford
* 67H Squirrel Hill
* 67J Lincoln Highway
* 68A Monroeville Express
* 68B Blackridge-Laketon Express
* 68F Trafford Express
* 68G Swisshelm Park Express
* 68J Lincoln Highway Express
* 69A Forbes
* 71A Negley (using Forbes Avenue; no Fifth Ave Bus Lane through Oakland; using Negley only; cannot service St. Clair & Bunkerhill)
* 71C Wilkinsburg via East Liberty (not using Whitfield inbound-blocked; outbound using Forbes Avenue through Oakland)
* 71D Hamilton (using Forbes Avenue outbound - no Fifth Avenue Bus Lane)
* 74B Highland Park – RIDC Park
* 77A Oakmont (blocked on Allegheny River Boulevard and Verona Road by stranded cars and downed trees)
* 77B Penn Hills
* 77C Shadyside
* 77D Highland Friendship (To/From Stanton Ave area only)
* 77F Morningside – Friendship (To/From Stanton area only)
* 77G Stanton Heights – Friendship (To/From Stanton area only)
* 77U Oakland – Penn Hills
* 78A Oakmont Express (may use Verona Road)
* 78C Shadyside Express
* 78E Penn Hills East Vue Express (no Anthon & Ange)
* 81B Lincoln (no Lemington Home)
* 86A East Hills (not serving Wilner or Park Hill Drives)
* 86B Frankstown
* 91A Butler Street (no Waterworks)
* 93A Aspinwall – Cheswick Express
* 100 West Busway - Oakland
* 500 Highland Park–Bellevue (buses using Negley Avenue and East Liberty Boulevard; no Highland Park service; using Forbes Avenue; no Fifth Ave Bus Lane through Oakland; using Negley only; cannot service St. Clair & Bunkerhill)
* EBA East Busway All Stops
* EBS East Busway Short
* EBO East Busway – Oakland
* AV Allegheny Valley Flyer
* AVN Allegheny Valley North Flyer
* B Bellevue Flyer
* BR Brentwood Flyer
* CO Coraopolis Flyer
* E Elizabeth Flyer
* G Greensburg Pike Flyer
* GC Garden City Flyer
* HP Holiday Park Flyer
* OV Ohio Valley Flyer
* P Penn Hills Flyer
* PG Penn Hills-Universal Flyer
* R Mount Royal Flyer
* T Trafford Flyer
* W Wilkins Avenue Flyer


  1. As we return to normal, it may help to list only the routes that are (a) not running, and (b) running with deviations.

    Not to be listed means things are normal, i.e. "No news is good news". Of course with the stipulation that delays are inevitable.

  2. You say that buses are not using the bus lane through Oakland, but I did see a 71C running on it basically going down the wrong lane since the bus lane was impassable.

  3. When are the 81c, 81A and 84a going to be placed in service? There hasnt been any since FRIDAY.

  4. Regarding 81C, 81A & 84A it's difficult to speculate on when we'll resume service. That will depend on progress of road clearing and what happens with the upcoming snow. We'll be updating routes again tonight, so please check back.

  5. What's going on with the D (Middle Rd.) - we had one bus this a.m. although not appearing on list as in service- no buses this eve. Roads out here are great. Reason???

  6. I'm not sure about the D for today, but we're going to have information shortly about what service will be running tomorrow.