Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Service Update: 6 P.M., Tuesday, Feb. 9

Next update: 8 PM

Port Authority restored more bus routes Tuesday and resumed T service to Steel Plaza and Wood Street stations.

Still, multiple bus routes are operating with detours or are unable to provide service into some areas where roads are not yet passable. Route-by-route details of those disruptions are listed below.

We recommend riders anticipate slow travel, delays and possible service disruptions through the night.

Other service issues today:

The Mon Incline is in service.

The 52 Allentown light rail route is not operating today. A bus shuttle will not operate - parts of the route are impassable and stranded vehicles are blocking portions of the line.

The Wabash HOV lanes remain closed. We will continue to provide updates on service on this web site, our Twitter site and through local media.

The following bus routes are detoured, out of service, or offer limited service Tuesday:

*All routes that remain out of service are marked in red.
*In Oakland, buses that normally use the Fifth Avenue bus lane heading outbound instead are using Forbes Avenue. The bus lane has not been plowed.
*Latest updates are marked in blue.

If a route is not listed, it is operating on a regular route and schedule.

1F Millvale (no Forliview or Shalercrest)
6A Troy Hill Road - no Lowrie or Troy Hill Loop.
11E Fineview - Out Of Service
16F City View (no outbound service on Jacksonia)
17B Avalon via Shadeland Avenue - (no Orchard & Jackman - using Lincoln Ave)
18B Avalon Shadeland Avenue Express - (no Orchard & Jackman - using Lincoln Ave)
21A Coraopolis (no Phillips Power Station)
21F Presston-Kenmawr (no service to McKees Rocks bottoms, beyond Helen Street ramp, to McKees Rocks Bridge.
24A Crafton-Presston (no service to Meyers Ridge or McKees Rocks Bottoms, past Helen Street ramp, to McKees Rocks Bridge.
25A Robinson-Moon-Coraopolis (no Mooncrest)
26D Chartiers City (no Allendale Circle)
35A Baldwin-Whitehall (no Prospect)
36C Green Tree (remains on Greentree Road at outer end of route)
36D Westwood (to Parkway Center Mall only until the condition of neighborhood streets beyond the mall improve.
38C Green Tree Express (remains on Greentree Road at outer end of route)
41D Brookline (no service at Altmar & Reamer; only as far as Cannon - staying on Brookline Blvd.)
41E Mount Washington -Out Of Service
41G Dormont Rolling Hills (from Mount Lebanon Station, Washington Road to and from Washington and Peermont; no Rolling Hills service)
43E Mount Washington Express - Out of Service
46G Elizabeth - No Century Townhomes; no West Elizabeth or Floreffe.
46K Knoxville - (no Taft & Lafferty, no Knoxville; inbound, South Hills Junction, Warrington, Beltzhoover, Climax, Gearing, Chalfont, Beltzhoover, Warrington; outbound in reverse)
51A Arlington Heights (inbound – service resumes from South Hills Junction - to Arlington, Josephine, S. 18th, East Carson, S. 25th, Sarah, S. 26th and back to regular route; outbound - Regular route to S. 26th at Sarah, then Sarah, S. 18th, Arlington, Warrington, Haberman to South Hills Junction. No Arlington Heights or Syrian and Devlin in either direction)
51B Spencer (service in South Side only to S. 30th & Sarah/Carson)
51C Carrick (no Brentwood Loop)
51D Churchview (no Flora)
51E Camp Hollow - No Mifflin Estates
51G Mount Oliver (service in South Side only to S. 30th & Sarah/Carson; no service to St. Clair Village, Becks Run or Mount Oliver)
53F Homestead-Lincoln Place (no Skyview)
54C North Side-Oakland-South Side (no Polish Hill; 54C now can use S. 18th in and out, but must use Arlington and Warrington to South Hills Junction. No Bon Air service yet; also can not travel through Knoxville area.)
55E Whitaker-West Mifflin (no Monvue Heights)
56B Hazelwood (no Imogene or Brown's Hill Road service; no Johnston or Kane Center. Uses Route 837 to 2nd Ave., and back)
56U Oakland-Greenfield - Out of Service
58P Port Vue-Liberty Express (detoured to and from Olympia Shopping Center Park & Ride; no Port Vue service; uses 58V routing)
59A West Mifflin-North Versailles (no Monvue Heights)
60B Jenny Lind (use Baile Avenue inbound and outbound)
60E White Oak-Grandview (no Milburn & Orchard)
60K Crawford Village (no Young & Yester)
60M McKeesport-East Pittsburgh (no Crestas Terrace - use Clyde)
60P Port Vue-Liberty - No service to Bell Ridge Road, or Pine & Stegman.
61C McKeesport-Homestead - No Mifflin Estates
61D Summerset - No service to Summerset.
67A Monroeville (no Lower Rodi outbound)
68D Braddock Hills Express (no towers, no Yost)
71A Negley (no St. Clair Street - detour via Bunkerhill to One Wild Place, Butler Street and either Zoo or 62nd Street Loop)
74A Homewood-Squirrel Hill - Out Of Service
75B Monroeville-Pitcairn - Out of Service

77D Highland-Friendship (Wellesley-Heberton area may not be accessible)
77F Morningside-Friendship (no Morningside area service; detour via Stanton Avenue and follow 77G routing)
79D Mount Carmel - No Lincoln Park; inbound using Verona Road, Mt. Carmel, Lincoln; outbound in reverse.
81A Oak Hill - Out Of Service81B Lincoln (no Lamington Home or Penn Hills Multi-Purpose Center)
81C Webster - (no Bryn Mawr; outbound stopping at Bedford & Herron)
84A Herron Hill-Oakland - Out of Service
84B Oakland Loop - Out Of Service
84C Hill Loop - Out Of Service

86A East Hills - (using East Hills Drive from Wilner)
89A Garfield Heights - Out Of Service
94B Morningside (detour via Stanton Avenue and Butler Street)
94C Paulsen Avenue -Out Of Service
500 Highland Park-Bellevue (no St. Clair Street; detour via Bunkerhill to One Wild Place, Butler Street and either Zoo or 62nd Street Loop)
LP Lincoln Park Flyer - No Lincoln Park; inbound via Verona Road, Mt. Carmel, Lincoln; outbound in reverse.
ML Millvale-Lawrenceville Flyer (service from Millvale Loop only; no Shalercrest service)
P Penn Hills-Hunter Park Flyer - Staying off St. Clair & Foltz.
PG Penn Hills-Universal Flyer - Staying off St. Clair & Foltz.

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