Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bus & T Service for Monday, Feb. 15


Monday, Feb. 15 Bus & T Service

***Please note: As of 6 p.m. Monday, Port Authority is suggesting riders head to main roads or busways to catch their buses due to increasingly poor conditions on side roads.

For buses on existing weather-related detours, we suggest riders head to the main roads that had been in service as per their detour. The bus routes that have been out of service will remain out of service until further notice.

Multiple bus routes are operating on detours Monday and fewer than 10 routes are out of service as Port Authority continues to recover from the recent winter storms.

Road conditions continue to improve across our service area, although some streets remain unusable. Some sidewalks, transit stops and stations also are snow-covered, creating difficulties for riders.

As a result, riders may still encounter delays on Monday, as well as minor, temporary detours for tree or snow removal. New detours and delays may also arise if conditions change due to additional snowfall.

A list of bus and T routes that are out of service, or on a detour, is posted below.

An overview of Port Authority's service levels for Monday:

  • Bus service: Fewer than 10 routes remain out of service. Multiple routes continue to operate with detours or limited service areas.
  • The T: Operating on a regular schedule and providing normal service to Downtown stations (except Gateway, which is closed during construction). The 52 Allentown light rail route will not operate (the nearby 46K Knoxville bus route is a possible alternative).
  • Mon Incline: In service.
  • Wabash HOV: Open.
  • I-279 HOV: Open.
  • Fifth Avenue Bus Lane in Oakland: Open.

Bus & T Routes Not in Service or Detoured

If your route is not listed, then it is scheduled to operate on a regular route and schedule (weather permitting).

Routes that remain out of service:

11E Fineview
43E Mount Washington Express
52 Allentown
56U Oakland-Greenfield
84B Oakland Loop

Routes that are operating with a detour or are unable to reach certain areas due to poor road conditions:

  • 1F Millvale: No Shalercrest.
  • 6A Troy Hill Road: No Troy Hill Loop and that portion of Lowrie to and from it.
  • 16D Manchester: Inbound Pennsylvania trips use Manhattan inbound from Columbus to Pennsylvania; then Pennsylvania outbound. Inbound Manhattan trips run Manhattan from Columbus to Western, then Fulton outbound from Western to Pennsylvania.
  • 16F City View: Outbound, no Jacksonia -- use North & Brighton.
  • 21F Presston-Kenmawr: No service in McKees Rocks Bottoms beyond Helen Street Ramps at Bridge; no Pleasant Ridge and Island Heights.
  • 24A Crafton-Presston: No service on Nichol, Orchard, Ohio or River Streets in Presston. No Meyers Ridge.
  • 25A Robinson-Moon-Coraopolis: No Mooncrest.
  • 41D Brookline: No Ebenshire Village.
  • 46G Elizabeth: No Century Town Homes.
  • 46K Knoxville: No Taft and Lafferty; no Knoxville.
  • 51A Arlington Heights: No Mt. Oliver Street.
  • 51B Spencer: No Spencer Avenue. Using Glass Run, Joseph and Agnew.
  • 51G Mount Oliver: Inbound and outbound from and to Carson/Sarah & S. 30th Streets only. No Mount Oliver, Beck's Run or St. Clair Village service.
  • 53F Homestead-Lincoln Place: No Skyview.
  • 54C North Side-Oakland-South Side: No Polish Hill, Bon Air or Knoxville. Using Arlington/Warrington to South Hills Junction -- avoiding Knox Avenue.
  • 56C McKeesport-Lincoln Place: No Penn State.
  • 59A West Mifflin-North Versailles: Jones is closed due to downed wires. Using 6th to Yost both inbound and outbound.
  • 60E White Oak-Grandview: No Orchard-Milburn-York.
  • 60P Port Vue-Liberty: No Pine-Stegman-Burbridge-Meyer service; no Belle Ridge service.
  • 61F Homestead Park: No Skyview.
  • 74A Homewood-Squirrel Hill: No Belmar Gardens, lower Lincoln/Lemington or Greenfield. Running between Deary at Lincoln and Beechwood at Tilbury. From Beechwood at Hazelwood serving Beechwood to Loretta to Greenfield to Hazelwood to Beechwood at Tilbury.
  • 79D Mount Carmel: Using Verona and Mt. Carmel only in Penn Hills to/from Lincoln Loop. No Dohrman-Mark-Grove-Chaske-Aber service. Also, no Wilner-Parkhill service.
  • 81B Lincoln: No Lemington Home.
  • 84A Herron Hill-Oakland: No Adelaide or Milwaukee.
  • 84C Hill Loop: No Adelaide or Milwaukee.
  • 86A East Hills: No Wilner-Parkhill service. Use Frankstown/Robinson.
  • LP Lincoln Park Flyer: Using Verona and Mt. Carmel only in Penn Hills to/from Lincoln Loop. No Dohrman-Mark-Grove-Chaske-Aber service. Also, no Wilner-Parkhill service.
  • ML Millvale-Lawrenceville Flyer: No Shalercrest.


  1. The 56U is an important route for many. When will it resume service?

  2. I'm sorry, but it's difficult to predict when 56U will return to service. My understanding is that parked cars aren't allowing for ample clearance for the safe passage of buses. We have road operations crew out there checking routes regularly and when they feel conditions allow for a restoration or detour we will announce an update.

  3. It took my daughter an hour and 40 minutes to get from South Side (18th & Carson) to Perry High School...
    51C - 11D...

    All of those streets are clear... why so long?

  4. Spryte, I recommend calling Customer Service with questions about route-specific delays: 412-442-2000. This blog is maintained by the Public Relations department and we don't have access to those details, just general information on detours/out-of-service.

  5. Yeah... that's a constant busy signal. =(

  6. One more vote for resuming the 56U!

    Something needs to be done to clean up the roads the 56U runs on. If cars are in the way, residents need to be notified. Another possibility is rerouting the bus - is there a way to run that route that still hits Hazelwood, Greenfield ave and then Oakland?

    This snow is going to be here for a while, we need to work together to get things running again. I need my bus before the end of March!

  7. While the 56U is out of service, some riders in your area may be able to take the 56E Downtown then transfer to any Oakland route. The 74A is in service as far as Beechwood at Tilbury, with the following routing: from Beechwood at Hazelwood, right on Beechwood, left on Loretta, left on Greenfield, left on Hazelwood to Beechwood at Tilbury.

    Safety guides all decisions made by our road operations department, and there are multiple issues affecting the 56U and 74A service area, including snow pack/snow banks, parked cars, and compromised turns and clearances at multiple locations along the route. At this time any kind of 56U service (including rerouted service) is not feasible. We do have road operations crew returning to the area regularly to check on conditions and monitor the progress of road clearing. They also maintain contact with the city. Additionally, road operations is keeping our department (Public Relations) and Customer Service aware of the status of Greenfield service so we can announce any changes when they happen.

    Unfortunately there is another storm predicted to bring additional snowfall through tomorrow, so that could potentially bring additional issues to the area.

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced. Service disruptions of this magnitude are extremely rare. If you wish to file a formal complaint, you may do so using

  8. What parts of the 56U route are:

    1.) Unique to the 56U

    2.) Impassable

    Excuse my cynicism, but the 56U is predominately a STUDENT bus and the Port Authority makes more money if the 56U doesn’t run. I can see why you would have strong motivation to make this the last route you bring into service again.