Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update to List of Light Rail Stops to Be Eliminated

Signs have been posted at 13 Port Authority light rail stops that will be eliminated on June 25, making riders aware of the upcoming change and listing alternative stop locations. The stops selected were identified due to low boarding counts and proximity to other stops.

The changes are part of ongoing efforts called for by Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald to improve light rail service.

The only change from the initial list of stops identified a week ago is in Beechview, where the Coast stop will be eliminated instead of the Hampshire stop.

The list of stops being posted include (with alternate locations in parentheses):

•         Traymore (Pennant)
•         Coast (Hampshire)
•         Boustead (Shiras or Belasco)
•         Neeld (Shiras)
•         Kelton (Dormont or Potomac)
•         Martin Villa (Willow or St. Anne’s)
•         Smith Road (St. Anne’s or Washington Junction)
•         Santa Barbara (Highland)
•         Mine 3 (Washington Junction)
•         Lindermer (Hillcrest)
•         Center (Lytle)
•         Latimer (Monroe)
•         Sandy Creek (West Library)

The Authority's light rail system carried about 30,000 riders on an average weekday in April and provides service between the North Shore, Downtown and the South Hills. Three routes provide service on the 26-mile light rail system. Trips in Downtown and the North Shore are free, thanks to funding agreements with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh Stadium Authority and ALCO Parking.