Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dump the Pump Day is Thursday, June 21

The seventh annual Dump the Pump Day is this Thursday, June 21. This is a day that emphasizes the environmental and economic benefits of public transit.

Each year, public transportation reduces the nation’s carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons. If one person with a 20 mile round trip commute switched to public transit, they could reduce his or her daily carbon emissions by 20 lbs or more than 4,800 lbs annually. Taking public transportation additionally decreases congestion costs as well as gallons of fuel used.

Port Authority is committed to environmental sustainability and uses the latest diesel engine technology that has reduced particulate matter emissions by 96%. In addition, Port Authority has 32 hybrid buses in its fleet which help alleviate air and noise pollution. We urge you to recognize the benefits of public transit and ride the bus, T or incline on National Dump the Pump Day this Thursday, June 21.

For more information on Dump the Pump Day, visit the American Public Transportation Association’s website at For information on what Port Authority is doing to stay green, visit our Sustainability webpage.