Friday, June 22, 2012

Eleven T Stops Close Monday; Smith Road and Sandy Creek to Remain Open

Two light rail stops slated for closure will remain open following further evaluation from Allegheny County and Port Authority officials.
The Smith Road and Sandy Creek T stops will not close Monday, June 25. Eleven other stops along the Port Authority’s light rail lines will be eliminated that day in an effort to modernize the system and make service more efficient.

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald last month called on Port Authority to make several changes to improve the efficiency of the system, including consolidation of light rail stops.
Eliminated stops were chosen based on low boarding counts or proximity to other stops.

At the request of community members and local officials, Fitzgerald and Port Authority officials re-evaluated several stops for safety and accessibility concerns. It was determined that Smith Road and Sandy Creek would remain open. State Senator Wayne Fontana, State Representative Matt Smith and Allegheny County Council members John DeFazio, Vince Gastgeb and John Palmiere were instrumental in bringing stop issues to the attention of the County Executive and the Authority.

"It's important that we continue to improve our transit system across Allegheny County and these changes will help make light rail service more efficient and attractive for current riders -- and potential riders," Fitzgerald said. "It's always important to consider community concerns, and I'm glad for the guidance and input of residents and elected officials who contributed heavily to our final decision about these stops."
Following is the finalized list of stops that will close effective with start of service Monday (included in parentheses is the closest alternative stop):
  • Traymore (Pennant)
  • Coast (Hampshire)
  • Boustead (Shiras or Belasco)
  • Neeld (Shiras)
  • Kelton (Dormont or Potomac)
  • Martin Villa (Willow or St. Anne’s)
  • Santa Barbara (Highland)
  • Mine 3 (Washington Junction)
  • Lindermer (Hillcrest)
  • Center (Lytle)
  • Latimer (Monroe)
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