Monday, June 7, 2010

West Busway Service Adjustments for June 13

Service adjustments for several bus routes that serve the West Busway will go into effect June 13.

Port Authority will adjust these routes to better meet ridership demands:

• 28X Airport Flyer: All West Busway stop restrictions are removed. Inbound buses will serve Stop C and outbound buses will use Stop A.

• G1 West Busway-All Stops: Six additional a.m. and six additional p.m. weekday peak trips will be added.

• G2 West Busway-Oakland: Stop restrictions on the West Busway and in Oakland will be removed. All stops listed in the route’s schedule will be served.

Additionally, the West Busway will be served by the new G3 Moon Flyer route (formerly 28K Moon Express). The G3 will pick up and discharge riders at all inbound busway stops between Bell and Sheraden; outbound service between Sheraden and Bell will be pick-up only. The G3 will not serve the Carnegie Station.

Further adjustments to improve West Busway service are planned to occur in the next round of route changes in September. We will detail those following the June 13 changes.

Twenty-two other routes will also undergo quarterly schedule adjustments. For details on these adjustments or Transit Development Plan-related changes, visit or call Customer Service at (412) 442-2000 or for TTY, (412) 231-7007.


  1. You've further limited the west suburbs to get to Oakland. Disappointed with the changes.

    Also, why didn't you print the current schedules with the Liberty Avenue detour? You've changed routes, changed names, but still have Liberty Ave as a main artery on your maps, just making the changes that much more confusing.


  2. I really don't care for these name changes at all, but I like most of the changes that are occuring.

    Having the boarding restrictions for the 28X removed, will help. Also, it will make getting from Oakland to West Busway destinations easier, due to the bizare new loop back the current G2 (former 100).

    Perhaps the certain trips on the G1 and 28X can be merged together, so that we can be more efficient and to provide Carnegie Station Residents with some direct Oakland service. Maybe something we all could contact customer service with ( (412) 422-2000 )

  3. Actually, we will have more to say about West Busway routing soon, which was mentioned in the original post. We want to get through this round of changes (June 13) before discussing September.

  4. whatever you do port authority...don't cut any more service on the busway...i have yet to leave at 5:00 and not pass up stops downtown....thank God the nightmare is hopefully almost over...everyone on the busway is counting the days till monday...

  5. In the post gazette this AM, they mentioned restoring service from the Carnegie Station directly to Oakland in September...... Waiting to see how these changes work next week...may go back to the busway if things work!!!

  6. Increase the number of inbound evening rush hour busses ASAP please! Some of us are heading inbound during rush hour, not outbound, and we have to wait a half hour for the next bus, while we stand there at the Carnegie station and watch 5 G1s in a row discharge less than 5 people apiece! Rush hour runs both ways!