Friday, June 11, 2010

Route Changes & Other Important Information

Starting this Sunday, 26 Port Authority bus routes will change in the second round of our Transit Development Plan (TDP). If you haven't already checked for your route or schedule, you may do so by clicking here.

There are some other things happening this weekend that will also impact riders:
  • Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13: Downtown detours for Pride Weekend
    About 45 Port Authority bus routes will be detoured in Downtown Pittsburgh at various points throughout the weekend due to street closures for PrideFest, Pride in the Streets and a Pride Awareness March. Only certain bus stops will be served during this time.

    Please click here to view a detailed detour brochure.

  • Sunday, June 13: Schedule adjustments on 25 routes
    Port Authority undertakes schedule adjustments four times per year to improve service. This process is independent of TDP-related changes. However, some of the routes that will be adjusted on Sunday are routes that changed during round one of the TDP implementation in April -- including the lifting of stop restrictions on the G2 and the addition of more peak trips on the G1.

    Also, certain routes will see adjustments to support the June TDP changes -- like rerouting on 77A/B to support the 86A/B changes impacting Homewood and East Liberty.

    To view all schedule adjustments, please click here.

  • Monday, June 14: Long-term Downtown detours lifted on 24 routes
    On Monday, 24 bus routes will return to their original Downtown routing due to end of two construction detours that have been in place for several years. These include routes returning to inbound Fifth Avenue as well as routes returning to Penn Avenue at Fifth Avenue extension. The only exception are 61-series and 71-series routes -- they will not return to inbound Fifth Avenue and will continue using inbound Sixth Avenue and outbound Fifth Avenue.

    To view all affected routes, please click here.

We encourage all riders to check all links to see if their routes are impacted.

If you have an urgent question about your route, please call Customer Service at 412-442-2000, or for TTY call 412-231-7007. Customer Service hours are 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekends. We will not be answering questions about these detours/changes via this blog this weekend.


  1. any rider feedback on the west busway service?????

  2. its much better so far...

  3. In the AM around 6:50 it is GREAT!!(I can take 4 different routes)

    Outbound @4pm...horrendous!!!!(I only can take 2 routes! But those using the routes that are beyond the West busway, are taking the G1/G2 to the last stop (Carnegie?) then waiting to catch another bus to carry them to their final destination)

    Why not have the G3&other W. busway busses not pick up any outbound riders?

    You added more routes??? Please tell me where they are!!!

    I go to the stop on 7th ave(2nd stop in town for G1 and 1at stop for G2)

    I usually catch a G1, after waiting for 15 minutes(first problem,I was under the impression they ran every 5 minutes?)

    The bus is completely filled at this stop, both seats and standing room, meaning we bypass the other 7 stops in town(all stops on Smithfield, the Blvd, Stanwix, and the Hilton due to overcrowding! (second problem)

    SOLUTION: Dig a hole under "the Mon" to waste more of your money!!!(no reason to go over a bridge, like the RR bridge that is currently not being used over the Allegheny) Its no wonder you are broke! When in doubt, dig a hole(your company is showing it excellence in that!)

    I am about to totally abandon your pathetic service and just drive myself and pay the extra $1 a day.

    At least you have one less ex-customer to worry about. Hey maybe now the G1 will stop on Smithfield, outside of the Office Depot. To pickup the ONE lucky customer who wins the fight to take my seat!


    I hope you all lose all your pensions for being so greedy for the past decade!

    Why not threaten a strike again?

    Whomever is in charge of this organization should be put on trial. Where is all the money going? Thats right, we need a tunnel under the river. HaHaHa

  4. No it is NOT!!!

  5. Nobody ever has anything to say about the Port Authority. Wow.

    In regards to the G3 Moon Express, like other routes past and present with this type of stop restriction, I have a hypothesis as to why the Port Authority does this.

    Lets say the average G3 picks up at the beginning of the line and travels to the West Busway 75% full. Knowing that there is overcrowding on the other routes (in this case, G1 and G2), the Port Authority allows the G3 to make stops along the inbound to

    A) Fill up the remaining seats.
    B) Increase revenue for the route.
    C) Alleviate congestion on the other routes.

    The problem is, G1 and G2 are just as overcrowded going out as coming in. Meaning if people were allowed to hop on the G3 who were going to

    Sheraden Station
    Ingram Station
    Crafton Station
    Idlewwood Station
    Bell Avenue Station

    ...the G3 could wind up full with West Busway riders and not having enough room for the Moon Twp riders...those who the route is intended for.

    Since the Port Authority drivers are not allowed to pick and choose which passengers they pick up, the only fair way to do it is as so.

    If you relied on the G3 and it was the ONLY route taking you home, but you couldn't get on because it was full of people who could easily take another route home that you couldn't, you'd be pretty ticked off...and would probably be ranting and raving about it on BlogSpot!

  6. on that note. the G3 riders should NOT take the G1/G2, routes to the sheraden station to transfer to their "REAL" route!

    Which is why I QUIT the PAT, and drive everyday!
    Its worth the extra $1 a day!

    PAT sucks! They NEED TO GO PRIVATE!!!