Thursday, June 24, 2010

September Service Adjustments for West Busway

Port Authority will continue to adjust service along the West Busway to better meet ridership demands.

In June, Port Authority added extra service and lifted stop restrictions to provide increased service along the West Busway. More adjustments will go into effect on Sunday, September 5:

  • G1 West Busway-All Stops will be renamed G1 West Busway-Robinson. The route will operate between the Mall at Robinson and Downtown Pittsburgh via the West Busway between Bell and Sheraden stations. All stops between Bell and Sheraden will be pick-up and discharge both inbound and outbound.

  • G2 West Busway-Oakland will continue to use the designation G2 West Busway-Oakland, but will serve all West Busway stops between Carnegie and Sheraden stations. This restores direct service between Carnegie and Oakland. All West Busway stops will be pick-up and discharge both inbound and outbound. In Oakland, service on Bellefield, Forbes and Craft avenues will be discontinued. Instead, the G2 will continue down Fifth Avenue to Downtown using the Boulevard of the Allies, Crosstown and 7th Avenue Ramp.

Other routes that serve the West Busway include the weekday-only G3 Moon Flyer, which serves stops between Bell and Sheraden, offering pick-up and discharge inbound, and pick-up only outbound. The 28X Airport Flyer and a new route, the weekday-only G31 Bridgeville Flyer, will use the same busway stop restrictions as the G3 Moon Flyer. In June, stop restrictions on the 28X were lifted as a temporary measure to alleviate crowding on other routes.

Riders will see service along the West Busway every four to eight minutes during peak periods, every 10 to 15 minutes midday and every 15 to 20 minutes early morning and in the evening.


  1. Thanks, PAT. First you take away Oakland service from the 28K/G3, forcing us to drive to Robinson every day instead for direct access to Oakland. Now, you're messing with the G2 and, again, taking away our direct access to Oakland. I guess those of us displaced 28K-Oakland riders who are now taking the G2 will soon be driving to work instead.

  2. How much money did PAT waste on the TDP and you're scrapping part of it already? Amazing! You're changing the scope of the problem at Carnegie (i.e., restoring direct service to Oakland), but not truly fixing the underlying issue (not enough buses to meet demand).

  3. Maybe have the Carnegie-serving bus rotate, 1 for town, 1 for Oakland. If it's every 4-8 minutes, that shouldn't be an issue. Maybe have the Robinson-Moon buses serve Oakland on a rotating basis as well. Just a thought..

  4. Thanks pat for trying to solve the west busway problem I hope all goes well in September even though some people cannot be satisfied