Wednesday, April 14, 2010

West Busway Schedule Adjustments

We understand that the recent changes involving the G1 and G2 routes have not been smooth for many riders along the West Busway. We are making some changes now and in June that should help.

We have added larger coach buses to some G1 trips and are looking to supplement schedule times to improve capacity during the rush hours. Some of these changes are being made now and others will start next week.

Also, we have worked with our operators to ensure riders are served at Bell Station where we experienced some confusion last week due to a clerical error.

In mid-June, more improvements will be made.

28X Airport Flyer: Riders will be able to use the 28X Airport Flyer between the West Busway and the city - either Downtown or Oakland. The 28X will serve busway stops (except Carnegie Station) as it runs between Pittsburgh International Airport and the city.

G1 West Busway: We will increase trip frequencies during critical portions of the morning and afternoon rush hours. During those hours, the G1 will run every five minutes rather than every 10 minutes. Those changes will occur between:
  • Morning commute: From about 6:45 a.m. to 7:40 a.m. on weekdays from Carnegie Station into Downtown.
  • Afternoon commute: From about 4:35 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays from Downtown to all West Busway stops, including Carnegie Station.
28K Moon Express (which will become the G3 in June): Serves West Busway stations inbound-only except Carnegie. The G3 will not stop to drop off customers on the West Busway heading outbound.

As you might know, we made changes to nearly 60 routes on April 4th and most have been successful, including the more direct 28X Airport Flyer, the new 75 Ellsworth and the T light rail system.

Ultimately, any temporary inconveniences on the West Busway will be resolved.

I’d also note that some of the comments made via this blog have been helpful. A few offered very specific information about the situation that helped planners in addressing the matter.

Thank you for your patience.


  1. Thank you Port Authority! The bus riders sincerely thank you for resolving this problem and hopefully these changes will be implemented quickly to help with the overcrowding!

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  3. I second that...thank you for making the G1 every five minutes!! this will help tremendously!

  4. Thank you! I'm the rider who posted Monday about the bus passing us at 4th and Stanwix. I came over to the blog today to thank you for whatever changed. I haven't been passed by a bus since then. Tuesday's commute (both ways) and this morning's ride in have been much better. Buses are still very crowded but we are no longer being passed. Please keep up the improvements! (I apologize if this posts twice. My browser is giving me problems today.)

  5. I have to commend the Port Authority for quick interim improvements (using coach buses on critical trips) as well as adjusting service on the next pick. While I think lifting the restrictions on the 28X would help (especially on evenings and weekends), I have concerns about potential overcrowding on the outbound peak trips causing airport riders to be stranded. However, it may work fine due to the increase in G1 trips.

    I would expect if overcrowding is an issue on the outbound, the stop restrictions would be reinstated in a similar manner to the G3 with full service inbound and pick-up only outbound. It helps that the summer schedule is only 2.5 months long allowing for relatively quick adjustment.

  6. This is great news. Thanks!

  7. Regarding the 28x being used as a way to commute from the west busway and the city: how about just restricted that to rush hour times? Problems will arise on the weekends when students from Pitt are trying to go home and come back. The two reasons for doing away with Robinson were to speed up the time of the bus and avoid overcrowding. If you let people get off on the busway, this is only going to slow everything down when the bus is filled filled suitcases and packed. We'll be back to the hour it takes to get to the airport rather than the much more reasonable 45 minutes it was cut down to. If students are not able to board the bus (or professionals downtown) because of overcrowding) then it's an expensive $40-$50 cab ride just to catch a flight.
    How about seeing if the increase to every five minutes improves the situation before using the 28x for a purpose it was not intended to serve?

  8. When will service direct from Carnegie to Oakland resume? It is a huge dis-service to the community there that you have taken that away. Myself and others, who have already contacted borough council among others, will continue to fight until this is resolved.

  9. I hope the union takes you to court cause you know that your not aloud to change were buses stop after we pick are runs just like what happen on the east busway with the 63A,B,G good luck

  10. I posted a comment earlier, then I rode the G2 to Robinson to run an errand and returned to the city this evening. When the G2 passed Idlewood Station, the operator announced that the next stop was Robinson. I was confused and told the operator that the stop was to have full pick up and discharge service. He said that it is pick up only and warned the passengers that he would not stop to drop off next time. I called customer service and they confirmed that the G2 will not provide full service to Bell Station until June 13. Is this true? I may just be mistaken but I thought that the road operations personnel were ensuring that G2 was served both Pick-up and Discharge on both inbound and outbound as it was communicated on this blog.

    In short, I think there just needs to be clarification on whether or not Bell Station will be served with G2 now, or on June 13, but this has to be communicated to customers, customer service, road ops, and the operators. Too many disputes will arise if the status of Bell Station is not fully communicated to all parties.

  11. With regard to Bell Station, we clearly are responsible for the clerical error and that is why the issue truly will not be resolved until the next set of route changes in June (when the pick occurs). Until then, most operators have been a tremendous help by still providing full service at Bell Station.

    Unfortunately, union leadership will not help us resolve the problem and some operators -- just a few -- will not provide full service at Bell Station. Obviously, riders pay the price in those cases.

    We're very appreciative of the drivers and union officials who have been understanding and supportive.

    For those riders who are inconvenienced by this problem, we apologize.

  12. On the 28X comment ... We don't believe there will be an issue with the 28X, which now is direct between the city and airport. Most of the West Busway service will be on weekdays with commuters. This should not create an issue for weekend travelers heading to/from the airport. Still, we will continue to monitor this as we are closely watching all of the changes we're making.

  13. Once again the union is screwing the people of this county that pay their salaries. How does the union expect public support for their cause when something as simple as stopping on a route that they are already on is an issue? I am a union supporter - my wife is union, but the union is only hurting themselves when they alienate riders/public. This is a people issue, not a management issue!

  14. There was no need to change the 33X and 100 they were fine how they were the port authority said lets make the 28X faster so we will take it out robinson but now they added more stops on it so it will take longer so why is it the unions problem that port authority screwed up

  15. The bus that departs from Carnegie at 7:52 AM was full by the Crafton stop.

    About half the riders there were able to get on at Crafton. The bus wasn't able to pick up at Ingram or Sheraden.

  16. Yeah noticed the same thing for the last three days....bus was completely full by crafton...where are these extra buses that were promised? i haven't seen any improvement

  17. I'm still seeing mostly smaller (not coach) buses run, and things are still a mess. I'm at Ingram station and have been passed by about every other morning. My bus has not stopped at Sheraden in days. How are those folks getting anywhere?

    Evening rush is even worse. At Smithfield & Fourth, it's common to be passed by 3-5 buses before getting on one. And the one I finally get on still passes by PPG and the Hilton. Again, I'm still seeing the smaller buses running. Last Thursday I waited 50 minutes to catch a bus outbound.

    I appreciate the changes that are anticipated for June, but this is truly a mess right now. Please help!

  18. When are the supposed extra buses running?? i haven't seen a single change at rush hour...june cannot come soon enough for those on the G1

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