Monday, April 26, 2010

East Busway Repaving Set for Late Spring

Starting in late May/early June, Port Authority will begin rebuilding a large portion -- almost seven miles -- of the Martin Luther King Jr. East Busway between Wilkinsburg Station and Downtown.

Work will include repaving, which will help prevent wear-and-tear on our buses and also provide a much smoother commute for the many riders who travel the East Busway each day -- approximately 25,000, about equal to the number of daily T riders.

To minimize interruptions and delays, work will be conducted in sections and opposite the dominant flow of traffic. That means we'll be working on the outbound side during the morning rush and on the inbound side when most riders are headed home in the afternoon.

We aim to have work completed by the end of this year.

This rebuilding project spans the length of the original busway, which opened in 1983. The section between Wilkinsburg and Swissvale stations is newer -- having opened in 2003 -- and therefore doesn't need to be rebuilt.

We'll let everyone know when work officially begins, so be sure to check back with us next month.


  1. It's not about the repaving, but about the G2 in Oakland. I know that it doesn't make many stops as listed in the schedule, and right now those stops have notices saying that the G2 doesn't stop there. Will the buses stop at these stops after the June date, or is this a permanent change to speed up the buses? Because if it is a permanent change, then the route numbers from those signs should be removed (i.e. Bellefield at Board of Education) so when the temporary signs fall down, then riders are not confused.

  2. Take the whole Oakland loop off the G2. Waste of time, and only picks up a handfull of riders. Let the 28K/G3 go in and out of Robinson and Oakland, and the G2 go Carnegie to Oakland. That will solve the problems of getting people in and out through the busway!

  3. Funny - I don't see any constuction barrels on the East Busway yet...... it really needs it.