Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Service Update for March 29.

UPDATED 6:45 PM. This is the final update for March 29.

The following routes are seeing trips out of service today:

  • 69: Outbound trip arriving/leaving Downtown at 5:30 pm.
For questions, concerns or complaints, please contact Customer Service.


  1. Why all these sudden trips out of service the last two days?

  2. Mike:

    We have been unable to get drivers to fill all the trips, hence the out of the service.

  3. You mean the drivers you fired?

  4. What's going on with the Blue Line at 7:30 a.m? Yesterday and today I could barely get in. There were so many people crammed into the car you could hardly breathe. It was very unsafe. And they are charging us for this terrible service? Ridiculous!!

  5. The T before the 7:30 am Blue line Library has been out of service these last two days...

  6. Anonymous at 2:16:

    The layoffs are unfortunate but they are not the cause of this issue.

    We have enough drivers to run current service since we have reduced service systemwide, and less service requires fewer employees. However, some did not get trained for their new routes, causing trips to be out of service. As more drivers are trained each day, we will have fewer trips out of service.

    Anonymous at 2:20:

    We've had trips out of service on the Blue Line yesterday and today. This probably caused the overcrowding you experienced.

  7. Ross needs several more articulated buses the gold ones that have served the holiday park the last 14 years have suburban interior and would be ideal for the mcknight express routes in north hills.Just something to atleast consider!