Friday, March 19, 2010

Next Week: West Busway Transit-Oriented Development Workshops

Whether you’re a transit rider, a business owner or just someone who cares about your neighborhood, you probably have an opinion on what kind of role transit should play in community development.

If you have opinions or ideas about transit-oriented development at the Sheraden and Carnegie West Busway stations, you’re invited to share your thoughts next week.

The Allegheny County Economic Development and the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Borough and Port Authority, will hold two workshops to discuss amenities, improvements and development that could benefit transit users and community members alike:

Sheraden Station Meeting
Tuesday, March 23
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Sheraden Senior Center
720 Sherwood Avenue

Carnegie Station Meeting
Wednesday, March 24
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Carnegie Borough Building, Council Meeting Room
One Veterans Way

Both meetings are open to the general public. Please note that only the Sheraden Station area will be discussed at the first meeting and only the Carnegie Station area will be discussed at the second meeting.

Community input will be used to create revitalization and development plans for the station areas which will be shared at a future meeting.

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  1. I know this blog post is old, but I hope this is still read. The two areas that these meetings targeted, Carnegie and Sheraden, are so far the two areas that have been hurt the worst in these changes. By cutting off direct access to Oakland from Carnegie, you have effectively (and possibly intentionally?) destroyed the one single most important factor in attacting certain community improvements to our area. In Sheraden, now that people are repeatedly passed up and continously late to work, people are starting to leave that stop to try to board in other areas. Why would you have these meetings, but do something totally different than what was discussed? You care more about how to increase the amount of people that have to now pay for transfers than you do the communities you had these meaningless meetings with. If you would like, I can read from notes from attendance at the meetings what was discussed, and point out how it's meaningless without direct access from Carnegie to Oakland.