Thursday, October 22, 2009

Route revisions to the Transit Development Plan

Tomorrow, Port Authority's Board will vote on the proposed final Transit Development Plan, the result of more than two years of planning and the consideration of thousands of comments received at open houses and hearings, via the Internet and through other means.

Based on feedback from the public as well as bus and T operators, Port Authority planners have modified the plan presented on August 28. Here are the key changes proposed:

1A New KensingtonRoute shortened slightly to operate between Tarentum Park and Ride lot and Downtown Pittsburgh (as at present) instead of between Brackenridge and Downtown Pittsburgh to allow for more regularly scheduled service.
13G Thompson Run ExpressService previously recommended for elimination. Due to very strong support among riders and the union, now recommended for continuation but with changes to improve performance:
  • Straighter alignment to make service faster and discontinue unproductive segments.
  • One additional trip in AM peak and one additional trip in PM peak to conform with new service standards.
13K Marshall Express
In response to public input, shifted PM span of service from 3:15 pm-6:45 pm to 2:45 pm-6:15 pm to better match peak commute patterns.

17B Avalon/Shadeland
Shifted alignment from Lucerne Avenue to Jacks Run Road in Bellevue to avoid unworkable section of Lucerne Avenue.
21B KenmawrStraightened outer loop to improve directness.

33X West Busway
Adjusted midday intervals to 30 minutes to better coordinate routes 100 and 33X to alleviate bus overcrowding along the West Busway.

41E Mount Washington
Added service to Sweetbriar Apartments due to strong public support and ability to do so while maintaining efficient service.

43E Mt. Washington Express
Realigned to operate via Arlington Avenue to make service faster. Realignment also restores off-peak service to Arlington Avenue in Allentown.

46D Curry
Weekend service previously recommended for elimination. Weekend service reinstated due to anticipated demand and in response to union feedback.

51B Spencer/51D Churchview
Service along Churchview Avenue now provided by Route 51D previously recommended for elimination. In response to public and union input, service along Churchview now recommended to be provided by Route 51B in order to maintain service to an area that would otherwise be unserved.

54C North Side-Oakland-South Side
Previous recommendation called for elimination of route segment beyond E. Carson and and S. 9th streets. Due to strong public support and union feedback, service maintained to South Hills Junction and Bon Air, but with changes to improve directness and productivity.

55M Century III
Service frequencies improved from every 60 minutes to every 50 minutes.

56E Greenfield
Service shifted from short section of Murray Avenue to Greenfield Avenue to avoid delays. In Oakland, service shifted from Halket Street to Craft Avenue at request of East Liberty operators committee to avoid delays.

60B Jenny Lind
Alignment shifted to parallel streets in some locations to operate on wider streets and provide for easier turns.

63 Edgewood
At request of East Liberty operators committee, alignment shifted to Edgewood Avenue instead of Lloyd Avenue and Westmoreland Avenue to avoid a difficult turn.

64A East Liberty-Homestead
Changed peak frequency from 15 to 30 minutes to better match anticipated demand.

68D Braddock Hills Express
Discontinuation of deviation to Braddock Hills Shopping Center previously recommended. In response to public and union feedback, AM peak outbound, PM peak inbound and all off-peak service recommended to serve Braddock Hills Shopping Center and maintain service for area seniors.

68G Swisshelm Park Express
Alignment through Swisshelm Park and via Edgewood Towne Center revised at request of East Liberty operators committee to avoid difficult turns.

74A Homewood-Squirrel Hill
Shortened Squirrel Hill terminal loop to operate via Shady Avenue, Forbes Avenue, Murray Avenue, and Wilkins Avenue rather than Forbes Avenue, Shady Avenue, Beacon Street, Murray Avenue to avoid traffic congestion and delays.

74B Highland Park
Route deviation into Pittsburgh Zoo eliminated to improve directness and because access to zoo is available from One Wild Place.

75 Ellsworth (New Route)
Revised headways slightly to reflect updated running time estimates. Weekday midday service intervals changed from 30 minutes to 25 minutes, and weekday evening (after PM peak) changed from 30 minutes to 40 minutes.

77B Penn Hills
In response to public input, extended outer end service to CCAC-Boyce to maintain service between Penn Hills and CCAC-Boyce and to provide opportunity for Port Authority and CCAC Boyce to develop U-Pass program partnership.

77F Morningside-Friendship
Revised Saturday and Sunday headways slightly to reflect updated running time estimates. Service had been proposed to run every 60 minutes both weekend days; will be changed to every 45 minutes on Saturdays and every 80 minutes on Sundays.

81A Oak Hill
Service frequencies reduced to 30 minutes all day due to reassessment of demand due to improvements to other routes. Route will still offer an increase over current service.

81C Webster
Service frequencies reduced to 30 minutes all day due to reassessment of demand due to improvements to other routes. Route will still offer an increase over current service.

100 West Busway-Downtown
Adjusted peak intervals from 15 to 10 minutes to better coordinate Route 100 and 33X schedules to alleviate bus overcrowding on the West Busway.

47S South Hills Village via Overbrook
In response to union feedback, adjusted weekend headways to South Hills Village so that service is scheduled to run every 20 minutes as opposed to every 45 minutes.

Details on all routes are available on our Web site.

The Board meeting will be held at 9:30 a.m. in the 5th floor Board room at 345 Sixth Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh. It is open to the public.


  1. You should reconsider the changes you're making to Forest Hills. By having the 68J route NOT go through Forest Hills, you're leaving a large number of riders (there are 2 Park & Rides!) forced on only one route, the new 68F. There simply isn't enough room. There are two many riders in Forest Hills to eliminate one of those routes.

  2. Thanks PAT, for costing me 40 minutes this Friday evening. Thanks to LIght Up Night the 1A New Kensington, which usually got to the underpass on the North Side at 5:59, got there at 6:32. I can't believe we're paying a drink tax for this lousy service.

    Thanks for nothing.

  3. PS:

    Wishing you all at PAT a 45 minute wait in the cold.