Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bus detours now in effect for Liberty/Stanwix intersection closure

More than 20 Port Authority bus route detours are now in effect due to the closure of the Liberty/Stanwix intersection. The changes also involve the relocation of several commonly-used bus stops.

The detours will be in place for about 1 year as Port Authority constructs a new Gateway T station. The new station will serve the North Shore Connector T line when it opens.

Affected bus routes include:

  • AV, AVN, 3L, 3M, 93A
  • B, OV
  • CO
  • R
  • 18B, 18C
  • 26E, 28E, 28M, 31D, 31E, 33D, 33E
  • 71A, 71C, 71D
  • 81A, 81B, 81C, LP
  • 100, 28K, 28X, 33X
For turn-by-turn rerouting, maps and a list of stops in service, visit the Port Authority Web site. Stop guide flyers are currently available at schedule racks and on buses.
Also effective today, one lane of Penn Avenue will reopen through Stanwix Street. Another lane of Penn Avenue will reopen in spring 2010.
The Gateway T station also is scheduled to shut down Oct. 31. The Wood Street T station is the closest light-rail alternative and is located about three blocks from the Gateway station.
Thanks for your patience!


  1. And with the additional inconvenience and mediocre service, why are passes increasing in cost? Two zone passes being increased $15 per month!! Look at how much money that equates to!And why? To pay for the employees' bloated pensions and health coverage even after they have retired. PAT sneakily didn't raise the fares for those who travel once in a while and pay cash, they raised fares for their loyal riders. It's time to get rid of the circus clowns....

  2. Remember the PAT employees are getting raises every year while the majority of workers they provide "service" to, did not get raises last year and won't this year, either. The PAT Union and the Port Authority are nothing but selfish and greedy.

  3. The 28K detour is horrible, why would you make a bus try to cross 3 lanes of tunnel traffic? Ridiculous!

  4. soo much complaning and no one is offering up a soulution

  5. When PAT decides to reroute buses, they should at least try to keep stops as near as possible to where they used to be. I am not able to walk from my job to the T; I was able to take a 33x from my building to Tito Way, now, that bus has been rerouted and left me with no way to get to the trolley. When I call PAT for some help in finding a route that would be close, they are no more help than me looking at the website. What are people supposed to do for a year? I want to work, but the transportation in this city makes it very difficult.

  6. where do you work at Anonymous

  7. For Darius Jones: I work in the Federal Building and need to get to a trolley station.

  8. Anonymous, you could take an 86A, 86B, 6B, or 6C. They all travel along Penn from the Federal Bldg directly to Wood Street Station. Outbound they travel back to the Federal Bldg along Liberty. They stop at 10th and 11th. The 86s in particular provide frequent service.

  9. Thank you so much Anonymous. I am going to try that this evening!