Monday, September 28, 2009

TDP Reminder: Public Comment Period Ends Wednesday

The public comment period for the proposed final Transit Development Plan ends this Wednesday, Sept. 30 at 4 p.m.

Specific information on proposed route changes, fare adjustments and much more is posted on our TDP site.
There, you can submit your comments via an online form, or you can mail them to Port Authority Fare and Service Proposals, Heinz 57 Center, 345 Sixth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-2527.

If we didn’t get to answer your question asked on this blog, please know that your voice will be heard – we are collecting all comments left on TransitBlog and submitting them for official consideration.

Port Authority’s Board of Directors will be voting on the proposed final TDP and a timeline for implementation at its next meeting, scheduled for October 23.


  1. If you're eliminating routes and forcing some buses to the Ross Park hub (like the 11C, 13J) you shouldn't be charging a transfer fee!

    Your site should also contain much more information about the Park and Rides.

  2. There is information available on proposed Transit Hubs and Park and Rides in the presentation document on our TDP web site. It's available for viewing in two formats:

    Pages 33-34(Flash presentation):

    Pages 32-33 (Power Point):

  3. I'm highly skeptical that the Port Authority will be able to successfully implement and benefit from many elements of the proposal. For example, the Rapid Bus system is supposed to be speedy because of "Exclusive Bus Lanes" and "Transit Signal Priority" among other measures, but I don't see how these could be implemented with much effect throughout most of the existing 61 and 71 routes, especially during peak times.

    My biggest problem with the proposal is that many trips that currently can be travelled on a single bus now require a connection. For example, travelling from Downtown to southeastern Edgewood or from Squirrel Hill to South Side will now require connecting in Wilkinsburg or Oakland, respectively. Connections under the current system are often a crapshoot, since connecting stops are rarely timepoints for either bus.

    For the proposed routes to work, the Authority needs to implement schedules and policies that minimize waiting time at connecting points. For example, not only will the R1 and 63 Edgewood need to have coordinating timepoints at the Wilkinsburg station, but the drivers will need to proactively ensure that riders are given plenty of time to transfer from one bus to another. I and many other people are going to ride the bus less if the new system means we have to spend an extra 15-30 minutes making a connection.

  4. PLEASE!!!...tell all of your bus operators that when they come to an intersection (especially in town), and their light is RED, to STOP!!!

  5. While a system involving transit hubs and more transfers should hopefully be faster, transfers must be easy! I'll have to agree with woot that if more transfers are required that they should be cheaper or even free (I guess if a SmartCard sort of system is implemented that could be taken care of). Main hubs like Wilkinsburg must also be simple, easy, quick, and SAFE, and somewhat comfortable wouldn't be bad either (though I'd mostly hope for something easy to understand and quick connections.)