Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The TDP: How can you ensure no one is left without transit? And what’s next?

Some of the comments and questions received by Port Authority were from riders who were concerned that changes proposed under the Transit Development Plan (TDP) would leave them without alternatives to their current service.

Port Authority is committed to accessibility for all riders, and in most cases the proposed changes will result in improved or maintained service for about 99.5 percent of our riders. For the small remainder of riders – less than one-half of one percent – we are pledging to work with each individual to help identify appropriate transit solutions.

ACCESS might be the best option for riders who have difficulty walking to their bus stops. ACCESS provides advanced reservation, door-to-door transit service from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. While it is primarily used by the senior citizen and disabled populations, it is open to all riders. There’s more information on ACCESS on
our web site.

For other riders, Park and Ride lots will serve as an important connection to transit. Under the proposed transit development plan, Port Authority would create more Park and Ride lots in suburban areas. The map below shows proposed locations:

Port Authority will continue to serve its existing Park and Ride lots under the Transit Development Plan – 62 lots with a total of 13,713 spaces.
The proposed Transit Development Plan also calls for the creation of Transit Hubs throughout the region. Some of these new hubs would include parking where available:

Using another transit carrier may be an option for certain riders, particularly those living near the edge of our service area. Port Authority will be working with neighboring counties’ transit agencies and other regional carriers to refer riders to these services where appropriate.

When changes do take place on your route, you will know about them well in advance. The changes proposed under the Transit Development Plan will be implemented gradually over the course of several years, with the first round of changes slated to take place in March of 2010.

And as we weigh your comments and make changes to the plan prior to its adoption, we will be sharing those developments here and on
our TDP Web site.

Please continue to share your thoughts and questions with us as we work to improve transit in Allegheny County. Due to the volume of questions received, we apologize for not being able to respond to everyone individually.

If you have questions specific to your individual route that you are still seeking an answer to, please use this link to email us.


  1. How can East Pittsburgh be a Transit Hub when there won't be any busses serving downtown on the weekends? The 67F only goes to Wilkinsburg on the weekends, the 59A does not serve downtown at all, you propose the 61A not serve East Pittbsurgh anymore (only to go as far as Wilkinsburg, which is redundant.)

    If someone lives in Turtle Creek, will they have to take THREE busses to get to Pittsburgh?

  2. Thanks for your question.

    Under the proposed plan, someone living in Turtle Creek could take two buses if they wanted to travel to Pittsburgh on the weekends. They would have several options -- taking the 59 to Swissvale then transferring to the EBA, or taking the 68 or 69 to Wilkinsburg, then transferring to the EBA.

  3. I live on Spencer Avenue in Carrick. Under the proposed plan, there would be no way for a person to get home if they had to leave work at noon. No service after 9:30 am until 3:30 in the afternoon is hardly a better way. No evening service after 7:00. I think you are going to negatively impact a lot of workers that depend solely on PAT.

  4. I have a question. With the Wilkinsburg Bus Station serving as a hub for many busses on the East, why not create a set of "express" busses that operate on the busway? I currently take the "G" which bypasses all stops on the East Busway. Now that I will have to take 2 busses, my current 30 minute ride will turn into 50. Even with the EBA/EBS rides occuring more frequently, wouldn't express busses be a good fit for all of those riders whose routes end at the station? That way, even though they're taking two busses, they won't have to stop at every single stop on the way to downtown...

  5. I work until midnight in Squirrel Hill and live in East Pittsburgh. Currently I take the 61A. Will there be any busses to get me home that late???

  6. OK you seem like you guys won't budge and not give East Pittsburgh direct access to downtown on weekends, why not extend the 61B (whatwever the new route number is) to East Pittsburgh. THE TRANSIT HUB NEEDS DOWNTOWN ACCESS!!!

    If you aren't going to porovide access to downtown, you may as well not make East Pittsburgh a transit hub. It would be useless.

  7. How about 61D people living in Summerset. Mostly that will affect the giant Walnut Towers resiidents. It is really hard to climb up that hill and walk all the way down to Murray to take a bus to Oakland. That bus was helping a lot although it was working frequently in the mornings and evening. I can not imagine of climbing that hill with my baby to take the bus. You are leaving us w/o public transportation.

  8. I am very distressed that the successor to the 68J will, under the new transit plan, no longer serve my community, Forest Hills. The change will leave many devoted bus riders with severely reduced options for traveling to and from Downtown via the busway. I can't imagine how the already packed Trafford Flyer will be able to serve the large number of commuters I see waiting for transit in Forest Hills once the plan is implemented. I fear this proposed change will force me and many others to abandon the Port Authority and commute by car at a time when we should be encouraging not discouraging mass transit ridership. Please maintain the current level of service. Thank you.