Monday, November 22, 2010

Taking the 28X? Read this.

Riders taking the 28X Airport Flyer this holiday season should be aware of several significant changes made to the route since last winter.

The 28X is now running regular route outbound in Downtown Pittsburgh, picking up at Seventh Avenue at Smithfield Street and along Liberty Avenue at Tito Way, Fifth Avenue and near the former Hilton Hotel. Earlier outbound detours associated with North Shore Connector construction have been lifted. The only 28X stop that remains temporarily out of service is the inbound stop at Liberty at Gateway #4.

As part of Transit Development Plan changes enacted earlier this year, the 28X no longer stops at Robinson Towne Center, providing a quicker trip to the airport. For service to Robinson Towne Center, riders should take the G1 West Busway-Robinson from Downtown. All outbound stops from Oakland to the airport are pickup-only, including stops in Downtown and along West Carson Street and the West Busway. Inbound stops along the West Busway are both pickup and discharge.

Additionally, minor adjustments were made to the 28X schedule this past Sunday, November 21, and most departure times have changed. Please be sure to refer to the new schedule when planning your trip, or use our Trip Planner.

One-way cash fare from Oakland/Downtown to the airport is $2.75. Fares are paid when boarding at all times on this route.

While riding the 28X please keep your belongings on your lap or under your seat if possible to ensure that the aisles remain clear and that other riders may take a seat.

Thanks, and have safe travels and a great holiday season.


  1. Will large Articulated buses be used on this route?

  2. Depending on availability, which may vary by time of day.