Thursday, July 8, 2010

South Fayette Park and Ride Opens in September

Beginning Sunday, September 5, Port Authority riders will have a new Park and Ride option in South Fayette Township.

The new South Fayette Park and Ride will be located at the former Star City Cinemas at the intersection of Hickory Grade and Millers Run roads. The lot will offer 125 parking spaces and will be free to use.

The new Park and Ride will be served by the following routes, which will be introduced with the September route changes:

  • 31 Bridgeville (formerly 31D and 31E): This route will operate seven days a week between Downtown Pittsburgh and the Park and Ride via Millers Run Road, then along current 31D routing to Downtown.
  • G31 Bridgeville Flyer (formerly 33D and 33E): This route will operate on weekdays only between Downtown Pittsburgh and the new South Fayette Park and Ride via Millers Run Road and Route 50 to Carothers Avenue, Main Street and Mansfield Avenue to the West Busway.

The new Park and Ride is the result of an agreement between Port Authority and South Fayette Township officials, including township commissioners and Township Manager Mike Hoy.

"The new South Fayette Park and Ride is a prime example of how organizations can work together to benefit the community," said Port Authority CEO Steve Bland. "We are deeply appreciative of their cooperation and commitment to improving public transportation in Allegheny County."


  1. I think this is a great option - it will cut down drive times for those coming from points south and west for them to find available park and ride lots.

  2. I agree that this is a great option. Too bad the bus will still have to run up route 50 to Carnegie thru such bottlenecks like the two lane section thru Bridgeville, the Vanadium Road bottleneck, and the Greentree road bottleneck.

  3. It's too bad a busway couldn't be snaked through that area connecting the Millers Run P&R with the Woodville. But I guess neighborhood service is still needed in the route 50 corridor, being a high-business area.

  4. The Bridgeville Flyer should get on I-79 at Bridgeville and get off at Carnegie with an easy shot right onto the Busway. This will bypass all the Route 50 bottlenecks. I bet most riders would even pay a premium for direct service to downtown (I would). Route 50 businesses will still be served by the 31 Bridgeville. Since it is a commuter lot, most (if not all)riders will not be parking there to take a bus to any of the businesses on 50.

  5. That's a good proposal.