Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Schedules, Maps for June Route Changes

Note: These changes do not include further scheduling adjustments or tweaks to routes that were already changed in April (the G2 or 28X, for example). Any adjustments to those routes will be announced separately prior to June 13.

Changes on the following 26 bus routes will go in effect on Sunday, June 13.

  • 6B Spring Hill
  • 11E Fineview
  • 13G Thompson Run Express
  • 13U North Hills-Oakland Express
  • 16F City View
  • 28K Moon Express
  • 41B Bower Hill
  • 44U Mt. Lebanon-Oakland
  • 46F Baldwin Highlands
  • 46G Elizabeth
  • 51A Arlington Heights
  • 51C Carrick
  • 53F Homestead-Lincoln Place
  • 55M Century III Mall
  • 56B Hazelwood
  • 56C McKeesport-Lincoln Place
  • 67A Monroeville
  • 67F Trafford
  • 67H Squirrel Hill
  • 68D Braddock Hills Express
  • 79D Mount Carmel
  • 86A East Hills
  • 86B Frankstown
  • E Elizabeth Flyer
  • HP Holiday Park Flyer
  • LP Lincoln Park Flyer

Schedules and maps for new routes are now available on our website by clicking here.

Paper schedules will be available at schedule racks within the coming weeks.

The new schedules are loaded into our
Trip Planner so you can plan your new route -- just select a date of June 13 or later to try it. Note: Google Maps will not have the new route information available for trip planning until changes go into effect.

Please note: This list encompasses routes that have not yet been altered per the Transit Development Plan. June will also bring some tweaks to routes that were already changed during our first round in April; we will announce those tweaks in the near future. More route changes will follow in September.

If you have specific TDP-related questions, please use
this form and a member of our staff will contact you. You may also call Customer Service at 412-442-2000 or for TTY 412-231-7007, or try us on Twitter at PGHtransit.

If you leave a question in the comment form on this blog, we will try our best to answer. Please note that a high volume of questions on this blog may make it difficult for us to answer each question individually.


  1. Are G1 services during peak hous being increased with these route changes?

  2. hmm, a friend was just told by customer service that the new G3 will stop at carnegie station. Must be a misprint - there's no additional stops at carnegie. Carnegie Station and Bell Ave are two different stops! INCREASE THE G1, BRING BACK THE 100

  3. darius_jones_1148May 23, 2010 at 10:54 AM

    G4 CARNEGIE FLYER ...its just a suggestion but i think it could work .. instead of adding more G1 trips make the trips into a flyer that only serves bell and Carnegie stations similar to the old EBX