Friday, August 28, 2009

What’s happening to my route?

Port Authority released its final proposed Transit Development Plan to the public today and you may have already heard that certain routes are being cut.

While the total number of routes will decrease, the overall amount of service will increase. On average, the number of trips per route per weekday will increase by 65 percent.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening to some current routes and how their riders will be served under the proposed TDP:
  • 16A Ohio River Boulevard: This route would be consolidated with the OV Ohio Valley Flyer route to create a new service, the 14L Ohio Valley Limited. The new route would provide more frequent and consistent service in the corridor from Ambridge to Downtown Pittsburgh, running every 15 minutes during peak periods.
  • 51D Churchview: Most of this route’s service area would be served by a new route, 50 Spencer.
  • 59U SouthSide Works-Oakland-Waterfront: Oakland, Squirrel Hill and the Waterfront would be linked by two new Rapid Bus routes, R3 McKeesport Rapid and R4 Homestead Rapid. Riders would be able to use the new route 75 Ellsworth to travel between SouthSide Works and Oakland (and beyond to Shadyside and East Liberty). The current 59U route doesn’t start service until nearly 9:30 a.m., but the R3, R4 and 75 Ellsworth would begin service around 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. and run more frequently.
  • 61F Homestead Park: Service would be provided by a new route, 53 Homestead Park, which would operate at greater frequency and provide more hours of service per day.
  • 63A North Braddock Express: Service would be provided by new routes P76 Lincoln Highway Flyer, featuring peak period express service to and from Downtown Pittsburgh, and 76 Lincoln Highway, featuring off-peak service to the Wilkinsburg busway station. Riders would also be able to use the new 63 Edgewood, which would take riders to Wilkinsburg station.
  • 63B Rankin Express: Riders would be able to take the new route P71 Swisshelm Park-Rankin Flyer, providing peak period service down the busway between Swissvale station and Downtown Pittsburgh, or 71 Swisshelm Park-Rankin, which would operate off-peak between Swissvale Station and Wilkinsburg Station via Edgewood Towne Center.
  • 69A Forbes: Service would be provided by the new Rapid Bus route, R1 Wilkinsburg, providing a fast link from Wilkinsburg to Downtown via Oakland.
  • 77D Highland-Friendship: The area will be served by three new routes: the R5 Negley Rapid Bus, the R6 Highland Rapid Bus and 87 Friendship, all of which would run more frequently than the 77D and provide earlier morning and later evening service.
  • 84C Hill Loop: New routes 81 Oak Hill and 83 Webster will serve most of the 84C route, connecting Downtown, the Hill District and Oakland.
In creating the proposed plan, Port Authority worked very hard to ensure that more people enjoy more – and better! – service that’s easier to understand. So many routes that seem to be “eliminated” are actually being absorbed into new configurations that are faster and more efficient.

Next week we’ll post individual route maps on the Transit Development Plan site so it’ll be easier for riders to visualize how their trips will shape up. In the meantime, please let us know in the comments if there are any other routes you’d like to know about.


  1. It seems to me like there will be no service for the current bus stops on Arlington Ave (currently served by 52 and 46K) headed to downtown outside of peak times. Is that the case? Or am I missing a route?

  2. The route map seems to be out of date compared to the detailed draft recommendations for each route. For example, the map uses existing route numbers instead of the proposed nummbers:
    74B instead of (new) 73
    71B instead of R6
    EBO instead of P3, etc.
    If the number is not up to date, then how can we be sure that the routes themselves are shown correctly?

    There is as far as I can find absolutely no information as to how these changes will affect weekend service. For example, two of the three routes that presently connect the East End with Aspinwall and Waterworks are eliminated (94B) or no longer cross the river (500/R6). That leaves only 74B/73, but that route presently runs only on weekdays. Does this mean there will be no weekend service from the East End to Waterworks? Similary, the only route left in Stanton Heights and Morningside is the new 77F (although I'm not sure about the new 87, since it is not on the map). The 77F(/G) presently does not run on weekends. WIll there be any weekend service in Stanton Heights and Morningside?

    Of the two routes presently servicing Heberton and Sheridan Avenues in Highland Park, one (77D) is eliminated and the other (74B/73) is re-routed to Negley Avenue. What is the rationale for shifting 74B/73 to Negley (which has other service) and eliminating all service to Heberton & Sheridan?

    Bill Ghrist

  3. The 5A Natrona Heights bus line is being seen as only a Lifeline bus, yet it is the one link that we have to Pittsburgh and Allegheny County services during non-commuter hours and days. It's proposed to only run every 120 minutes, which will cut the trips down by more than half, as well as stopping at 9pm. And, with the 1A New Ken bus losing it's late night service to Natrona Heights, it seriously limits those of us who go to and from school and work in Pittsburgh. The bus already doesn't run on Sundays and holidays, which limits access to worship services and holiday event. This line serves as the only means of transportation for several housing authority neighborhoods, to inlcude the elderly and disabled, who cannot walk up the large hill from Tarentum to the Heights. To make such drastic cuts to an already limited line will only make things harder on the people who rely on it to get to where they need to go.

  4. 28K...I am one of the "few" riders who relies on going from Moon Township to Oakland directly without a stop or bus change downtown...the proposed change would eliminate that entirely.

    Personally, for health reasons, having to switch buses in outdoor cold weather is not an option for me.

    Fortunately, I understand there may be the G service that would run from Robinson to Oakland and actually run more I may have to drive a few miles more to another park and ride, but it would still be acceptable...however, would the timing of the stoppage of the Moon to Oakland trip be kept in place so that it exists until the G from robinson is fully functional and in place to replace it?

  5. I am curious to know the rationale behind the decision to drop Concept Two's proposed Silver Line upgrade to the 52, in favor of maintaining its peak-only schedule as the Brown Line.

  6. I am still trying figure out how East Pittsburgh is supposed to be a transit hub, yet there will be no downtown service form there. 61A will no longer serve that area, 67F and 68D only runs to Wilkinsburg on weekends. I really don't like the idea of going to Wilkinsburg to get downtown (considering Wilkinsburg is not a safe neighborhood.)

    Alos, where is bus serviced to the zoo?

  7. Which is the more updated, and accurate, information for the proposed changes for the 5A? The Route-by-Route document or the proposed Individual Route Map? The information is different on both documents.